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Creating and managing an office network can be a complicated, time-consuming task. Our experts will ensure you have all the hardware you need, and its proper installation. Whether you want to control access, engage an extensive guest network, or just get everything connected, our team is dedicated to keeping your networks running smoothly.

First, we’ll make sure you have the necessary equipment. Here’s what you’ll need:


This is probably the network equipment you’re most familiar with. A router ties multiple networks together and function like a police officer directing traffic. They route incoming and outgoing data down the best or most appropriate path. It’s traffic control for your network. 

Routers are also used to set security controls for your network. You set up a network name and password through the router. 

You’ll likely want a wireless router for a wireless network in the workplace. Wireless routers create both wired and wireless networks, giving you options for either setup.

Any office network will need at least one router, but you may need more depending on the size of your workplace and the number of devices you need. Our experts will help you decide how many routers you need.


Switches are similar to routers in that they facilitate communication between devices. The difference is that routers connect multiple networks together, while switches allow communication within a network. 

A router connects your network to the internet, while a switch connects devices on your network directly to each other. So, switches are effectively what create your office network. 

There are two different types of switches, managed and unmanaged. An unmanaged switch is basically a plug-and-play option, it needs no set-up or formatting. Just take it out of the box, plug everything in, and you’re ready to go. Managed switches are a bit more involved, but they also offer more features. Our team can help you decide which is best for your needs.


A firewall is an essential part of your network. Imagine your network as a castle; the firewall is the wall that keeps the armies at bay. It’s your first line of defense against malicious software. Firewalls are often software, but they can also be hardware. Whichever you choose, you can’t risk setting up an office network without one. 


Servers look like desktop computer towers, but they’re designed to handle more complex tasks. Servers handle file sharing, printer services, email, databases, and other major functions. You can’t have a network without one.

Cloud-based servers can be an affordable option, but an on-site server offers certain advantages that cloud services don’t have. We’ll go over all your options with you and make sure that you get the server that will best serve your needs.

Network Design

Getting the hardware is only half the battle. After you’ve purchased the hardware, the network still needs to be designed and set up. 

Everything has to be installed properly, and the difficulty of that task increases with each device added to the network.

You need firewalls between the internet and your router. It’s key that each device is connected to the proper switch. You’ll also want more firewalls at each wireless access point. 

The server needs a professional’s touch for proper set-up and to ensure the network software on the router is adjusted to your preferences. Remember to change the network name and password since each router comes with generic login information from the manufacturer. 

It’s a lot to handle, and have other things to spend your time on. Let our team of experts get your office network up and running, so you can focus on what’s important to you.

Network Management

Is your internet speed slowing down? Are you having connectivity issues? Whether we originally set up your network or not, we can help you. There might be outdated or faulty hardware causing the problem, or perhaps some malware that slipped past your firewall. Give us a call and one of our experts will diagnose the issue and get it working right away.

Whether you’re starting from scratch or you’re just dissatisfied with your current network, we can help. 

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Shain is such a lifesaver, I am extremely impressed with his expert knowledge in both hardware and software, and would highly recommend him for any technology needs. He also offered a 15% off discount for being a college student!

Hazelynn Khoo

The Best in Santa Barbara! Shain has been a godsend. I've had several issues with both my computer and my tv and he has handled them all in the most prompt and pleasant manner. He is definitely my go-to guy. Among other things, my computer was about to die and he put in a new hard drive, and now I have a brand new machine. Saved all my files and didn't lose a thing.

Rodger Sangster