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Virus Removal Santa Barbara

As computer repair experts, we deal with computer virus removal issues on a daily basis. A computer virus can cause all kinds of computer problems and even corrupt your data and even negatively affect your computer support systems.

Virus Detection Tech Support

We utilize the best malware detection and virus removal tools available to make sure your computer problems are taken care of.

If you are having difficulty with virus or spyware removal please consult the article below about virus removal in Santa Barbara. Our guide will help you locate and fix issues causing inconsistencies associated with your pc. If you need help from one of our trained professionals feel free to contact us at any time.

Signs That Your Computer is Infected 

Every computer is vulnerable to malware — Macs included. Sometimes even the best antivirus software doesn’t work, and your computer gets infected. 

How can you spot a computer virus? While your computer won’t always show obvious symptoms if it’s infected, here are some things to watch out for:

  • Your computer takes longer than usual to boot
  • Your computer is running abnormally slow
  • There are unfamiliar applications on your desktop
  • When you open your internet browser, it takes you straight to an ad for men’s hair loss prevention products
  • Your browser freezes or is unresponsive
  • Your keep getting redirected to web pages you weren’t trying to open
  • You get lots of pop up ads
  • Your computer’s cooling fans are spinning harder and louder than normal

If your computer is displaying one or more of these symptoms, you may have a malware problem. Running an anti-malware program won’t always resolve the issue. Sometimes, just as your antivirus software failed to prevent the virus from infecting your computer, it will also fail to remove it. 

Here’s What You Can Do

If you suspect that your computer has malware on it, boot it into safe mode. On PCs, this is done by shutting off your computer, then pressing F8 repeatedly when you restart. This brings up the Advanced Boot Options menu; select Safe Mode with Networking and press Enter.

On a Mac, press and hold the shift key immediately after hearing the startup tone. Release the shift key when the Apple logo appears, and your computer will enter Safe Mode.

Safe Mode runs the operating system with the bare minimum of programs, so it often blocks malware from loading. Backup your files; not your program files, since that’s where the malware is probably hiding. Just the important stuff, like work documents, family photos, and your favorite cat gifs. Save them to the cloud or put them on a flash drive, just in case.

Now, run a virus scan. Better yet, download a different anti-malware program than the one you normally use, and scan with that. If it finds malware, let it remove the problem. Then restart your computer.

If your computer still shows symptoms of malware, bring it to us. If you suspect your computer has been infected with malware, you must address it immediately. Malware often gives other people access to all of your most sensitive information. Even if you’ve successfully removed it from your computer, you should change all of your passwords. 

If you suspect your computer has malware, our team of experts can give you peace of mind. We’ll sort out the best way to remove the virus and make sure your computer is guarded against future attacks.


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