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Mac Repair in Santa Barbara

Looking for Mac repair in Santa Barbara? Done with waiting in lines at the Apple store? Mac repair at the Apple store in Santa Barbara can be cumbersome— with the long waits and expensive repair fees. On the other hand, our Anytech CA computer repair team is prepared to handle Apple repair issues with ease and affordability.

Does your MacBook have a cracked screen? Does your Mac run slowly? Whatever the issue with your MacBook, our Mac repair Santa Barbara team can fix it.

Here are the top Mac Repair issues we fix:

MacBook Computer Slowness

There’s many things that can cause slowness in your Mac computer. From lagging applications to a full hard drive, our mac repair team in Santa Barbara can diagnose the issue and provide you with a solution to speed up your device.

Mac Malware and Viruses

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Many believe that Macs are impermeable to viruses. However, malware issues are still prevalent amongst Macs. There are many ways to prevent viruses and also many ways to get rid of them. If you suspect you have a virus, get your Mac repaired with us today. Additionally, for more information on virus and malware be sure to visit our Virus Removal page for troubleshooting tips and easy self-diagnostic tips. 

Mac Overheating

It’s normal for a Mac to be a little over heated during normal use. However, if your Mac is running very hot, it’s not okay. Overheating can cause damage to your hardware. There are many reasons that your Mac could be overheating, including dust and dirt, fan control issues, bad computer habits, application errors and many more reasons. Therefore if your Mac is running hot, come see us immediately to have one of our Mac specialists take a look at it. 

Mac Battery Life

Is your battery life getting drained? Just like all hardware components have a lifespan, the Mac battery isn’t any different. This hardworking component of your Mac needs to be replaced after the first few years of computer use. Have our Mac repair team replace your battery and get your charger-free time back.

Not sure if your battery needs to be replaced or not? Check out this informational guide on how to see if your battery is still operating at full health capacity – Mac Battery Check. Not computer Savvy? Bring in your MacBook and let one of our Mac repair specialists in Santa Barbara do the work for you free of charge.

Mac System Upgrades

Trying to run newer applications on your Mac? Would you like to enjoy the newest features of a system upgrade? At Anytech, we will find out if your computer meets system requirements to upgrade to macOS High Sierra. If it does, our Mac repair team in Santa Barbara can upgrade your computer in-house!

Apple Repair Services

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At Anytech, we offer Apple repair services for iPad and iPhone.  

Don’t have any Mac computer repair issues but have other Apple devices that need repair? Don’t worry, we got you covered. We work alongside local companies such as iPhone Repair Santa Barbara in order to provide a quick and affordable solution for all of your iPhone and iPad issues.

Below is the most common Apple repair issues we fix:


  •      iPhone screen and LCD repair
  •      Battery replacement
  •      Charging dock issues
  •      Speaker and camera issues
  •      System Upgrades
  •      Connectivity Issues


  •      iPad screen and LCD replacement
  •      Slow and lagging keyboard
  •      Performance issues, crashing, and random rebooting
  •      Connectivity issues­–such as Bluetooth pairing and Wifi connection
  •      Battery replacement
  •      iPad screen replacement

Our Mac repair team in Santa Barbara is happy to serve you with your Apple devices. We can ensure fast and affordable service with your Apple repair!

  • Memory Upgrade
  • SSD Upgrade
  • Virus/Spyware Removal
  • Battery Replacement
  • Mac Diagnostic Service
  • Mac Water Damage Repair
  • Memory Upgrade/Replacement
  • Water Damage Repair
  • Cracked hinges or Panels
  • LCD Screen Repair
  • Hard drive Repair
  • Macbook Water Damage Repair
  • Macbook LCD Screen Repair
Shain goes above and beyond for his clients. He is willing to work remotely at odd hours (he’s taken an emergency call at like 11pm before) and has been really great at installing software for me. Love that I can see everything happening without having to do it myself!

Shreyas Hebbal

Shain is such a lifesaver, I am extremely impressed with his expert knowledge in both hardware and software, and would highly recommend him for any technology needs. He also offered a 15% off discount for being a college student!

Hazelynn Khoo