Fees and EstimatesAnytech CAStaplesBest BuyApple
Turn Around TimeSame day\Next day
Available for most repairs
3-4 Days3-4 Days 2-3 days
Same Day Service$45
Available on most repairs
No$100Depends on location
DiagnosticFree while you wait!
Not included for specific, time intensive repairs

Laptop and Macbook RepairAnyTech CA StaplesBest Buy
Windows LaptopMacbook
OS Reinstall (w/o HD)$149$199N/AN/A
Screen Replacement$150+$299+$600*In Store Estimate
Keyboard Replacement$125+$199+~$300~$300
Hinge Repair$150+$199+~$300~$300
Motherboard Repair$199+$300+$300+$300+
Touchpad Replacement$149+$198+~$300~$300
Water Damage$199+$350+N/AN/A
Virus Removal$140$175$289+~$300
Data Transfer$150$175+~$300~$200
Battery replacementCall$225+~$300~$200
Fan Replacement$125+$225+~$300~$300
Power Jack Repair$150+$199+~$300~$300
Misc. Repair$99+$99+~$300~$300
Memory Upgrade$99+$98+$130$150**
Upgrade to SSDVaries on Size$300+N/AN/A
CD/DVD Drive Installation or Replacement$99+$148+$140$150**

Data RecoveryAnyTechCAStaplesBest Buy
Sector Repair$199+~$1,000$249
Deleted Files Recovery$149+$259$500
Rebuilding of Partition(s)$149+N/A$500
RAID Recovery$499+N/A$1600
Hard Drive Recovery$499+$1,499$1600
USB/Flash Recovery$199+$379$249+

Residential ServicesAnyTechCAStaplesBest Buy
Hourly Rate$150 First Hour
$125 Each Additional Hour
New Computer Setup$175
Full Computer and OS Setup
Wireless Networking$175
3 Devices, Available Same-Day
Cancellation Fee$0
Less Than 24 hour Notice
Remote IT SupportVariesVaries

* In Store Service Only
** Phone Support
*** Online Setup Only
*^ Onsite Support Only
# Same Day Service Not Available