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When people think of the terms home theater or media room they tend to see the words as interchangeable. However, at AnyTech CA we see this as the ideal combination to deliver the ultimate Home Theatre experience. 

Every house has designated rooms serving different purposes. For example, the Theatre room should be outfitted to create a highly immersive and high quality experience. This process is made possible by utilizing the tools of craftsmanship, comfort, and high performance with ease of use. For instance, after watching Netflix or perhaps a great action movie, Our clients are hit with the sudden realization of utter amazement. When the lights come back on, the whole family will enjoy the beauty of their newly created home theatre.

The theatre designing process begins with our clients dreams and expectations. After that, we take these values and begin to blueprint the outline for their new theatre experience. This process unfolds by creating a design team of architects, contractors and interior designers in order to make sure that we are delivering the very best results. After that, we hand select different projectors and HD screens that are compatible with each other. Then we begin with speakers and electronic components to deliver the best audio and ear-catching performance that you have ever experienced.

Our techs have mounted numerous TVs and connected all types of audio and video products to home networks. Scared of the mess of cables? We guarantee a clean finish with no obnoxious wires distracting you from your media. Take your home theatre to the next level with wireless control.

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Fantastic group! I was in a crisis with my home computer where some fakes Microsoft Representative tricked me in to giving them access to my machine., I called in and they had it fixed the same day. I later hired them again because my computer wasn't at all as fast as it used to be. they described that an upgrade to the storage device with a "flash memory" chip would make it better than new and They were spot on with every claim! I highly recommend AnyTech for IT help.

Louise Evans

The Best in Santa Barbara! Shain has been a godsend. I've had several issues with both my computer and my tv and he has handled them all in the most prompt and pleasant manner. He is definitely my go-to guy. Among other things, my computer was about to die and he put in a new hard drive, and now I have a brand new machine. Saved all my files and didn't lose a thing.

Rodger Sangster